Annual Report:

An Executive Council (EC) meeting of the Chemical Society of Pakistan was held in the Conference Hall of the Chemical Society Office, Quad-i-Azam University Islamabad on June 16, 2015 at 2:30 PM which was attended by the following EC members.

  1. Prof. Dr. GA Miana, President, CSP
  2. Dr. M. Raza Shah Secretary General CSP.
  3. Prof. Dr. Amin Badshah Treasure CSP
  4. Dr. Amir Wasim, EC Member, (Federal Chapter)
  5. Dr. Imtiaz Uddin, Associate Secretary CSP (Federal Chapter)
  6. Dr. Jan Nisar, Associate Secretary, CSP, ((Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chapter))
  7. Dr. Munawar Iqbal, EC Member, CSP (Punjab Chapter)
  8. Dr. Khawar Rauf, EC Member, CSP (Federal Chapter)
  9. Mr. Aftab Alam, CSP Manager


1- Updates on court case of CSP

Prof. Dr. Miana informed the EC about the current status of court case filed by Ex president against his nominated previous both election committee and many other peoples. It was informed to EC that the case is in High court at the moment.

2- Opening of new account CSP

The EC agreed to open a new account in Quaid-i-Azam University for CSP and the new account will be the official account of CSP. The old account is far away and one will have to travel far to operate it.

3- Increasing CSP memberships

The EC agreed to reduce the life membership fee to Rs 3000 till next EC meeting in order to increase membership. Similarly EC also agreed that Rs 1500 may be charged from members interested in five year membership

4- Corrections of e-mail, postal addresses of CSP members

Mr. Aftab Alam was asked by the EC to update the address of all members. Mr. Aftab Alam will send User name and password to all members in order to update the database of the CSP. If any member is not responding then Mr. Aftab Alam can seek the help of respective chapter. The target date of corrections of addresses is after Eid.

5- Two EC members of Baluchistan Chapter

Dr. Amir Waseem was asked by the EC to contact the Associate Secretary of Baluchistan Chapter for induction of EC members in EC-Baluchistan as per constitution.

6- CSP award for young chemist under 40

The EC agreed to initiate award for young chemist under 40. Criteria for this will be immediately circulated amongst EC members by Secretary General and after receiving final feedback from the EC members the Secretary General will circulate it amongst members of CSP.

7- Exploring funding possibilities from OPCW

The EC recommended that Sindh Chapter should work closely with Secretary General and discover possibilities of securing funding from OPCW for its various activities.

8- University Coordinators for CSP

It was recommended that each head of the chemistry department will be approached to act as coordinator for CSP

9- Training courses on Chemical Safety and Securities

All the chapters should organize workshop, conference and seminars on chemical safety and security

10- Organizing conferences and workshops

The EC resolved that it is mandatory for each chapter to organize workshop, conference and seminar.

11- Publication of Alchemy news letter

The EC appointed Dr. Miana as Editor In chief of Alchemy, Dr. Imtiaz as Editor and Dr. Amir Wasim Associate Editor. The EC urged the new editorial board to publish the Alchemy online on regular basis.

12- Initiation of Technical one day training course in collaboration with Pakistan National Accreditation council, SGS

The EC asked the Secretary General to approach the certification bodies and establish an active interaction with them. The members of CSP can provide technical support to all those certification bodies.

13- Award in the form of certificate for vibrant chemical industries, fertilizer industries, paint industries.

The EC agreed to initiate a program to give away awards or certificates to chemical, fertilizers and other industries after performing their technical audit.

14- Safety audit of various industries, asking support from national authority

The EC also agreed to start collaboration with local industries by conducting their safety audit.

15- Any other matter

There was no other item for discussion and the meeting was adjourned.


Approved By:
Prof. Dr. G.A. Miana
President, The Chemical Society of Pakistan
Country Coordination Center for Chemical Sciences
Department of Chemistry, Quid-i-Azam University

Prepared By:
Dr. M. Raza Shah
Secretary General, The Chemical Society of Pakistan
HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry
International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi

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