Mission of the CSP

The Chemical Society of Pakistan is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with members from the academia and scientific professionals working in different government institutes and industrial setups, connected in one way or the other, with the education and application of the knowledge of Chemical Sciences for the betterment of human conditions in this country. This along with the objectives of the Chemical Society of Pakistan, as embedded in the constitution of the Society makes the mission statement of the CSP.


The objective of the CSP

The objectives of the Chemical Society are:

  1. To work for the general advancement of Chemistry in the country.
  2. To promote and encourage research in different branches of chemical sciences and to help in the development of chemical sciences at the national level.
  3. To organize conferences, symposia, seminars, meetings, visits, and field studies.
  4. To award fellowships and financial grants for the promotion of research.
  5. To publish Proceedings, Journals, Memoirs, Transactions, Monographs, and Books as may be found desirable and feasible for dissemination of knowledge concerning pure and applied chemical sciences.
  6. To promote and safeguard the interests of Fellows and members in Pakistan and chemists in general.
  7. To promote regional and international relations in the field of chemistry and maintain liaison with foreign scientific organizations with similar objectives.
  8. To secure, administer and raise funds, grants, and endowments for the realization of the above objectives.
  9. To undertake all such other activities as may assist in promoting the cause of the above objectives