Office Bearers of the CSP

Office Bearers of the CSP

The office bearers of the Chemical Society shall be:

The President

  • shall have the power to convene the meetings of the General Body and the Executive Council and shall preside over them;
  • shall on the recommendation of the Secretary have the power of re-appropriation of expenditure from one budget head to another, provided that such re-appropriation involves the transfer of not more than 20 percent of the amount provided in the Budget under a particular item; it shall however require the approval of the council;
  • shall in case of emergency take such action as he/she deems fit on behalf of the General Body or the Executive Council during the course of the year between two annual meetings of the Chemical Society when these bodies are not in session and report it to the respective body at its next meeting.
  • His/Her ruling will be final in case of a dispute in the interpretation of the Constitution or its any Clause.


  • He / She shall be the chief executive officer of the Chemical Society and subject to the direction and supervision of the President shall:
  • Act as Secretary of various bodies mentioned hereinafter: issue notices, arrange meetings, and keep record of the proceedings;
  • Be responsible for correspondence in connection with the affairs of the Chemical Society or arising from the meeting of the General Body and the Executive Council;
  • Execute all directions and orders given to him/her by the General Body and the Executive Council;
  • Supervise and direct the work of the staff employed, grant leave according to the rules that may be framed for the purpose and make temporary arrangements in respect of vacancies;
  • Be in charge of the property of the Chemical Society and maintain a stock register;
  • In case of emergency, take any action considered suitable under the circumstances and report it to the President; and
  • Have the power to sanction expenditure as specified in the CSP constitution.


  • He / She shall keep the accounts of the funds of the Chemical Society and maintain necessary books for the purpose;
  • Be responsible for making all payments in accordance with the approved budget or as authorized by the Council and in accordance with any rules that may be framed for the purpose by the Council;
  • Prepare the annual budget of the Chemical Society in consultation with the Secretary and the President for the consideration of the Council, a minimum of 80% of which will be allocated for various publications;
  • Prepare the balance sheet of the funds of Chemical Society completed to the close of the financial year, and submit it to the Council along with the auditor's report; and
  • Invest under the direction of the Council, any part or whole of the balance standing at any time to the credit of the Chemical Society in a suitable manner as may from time to time vary or transfer such investments for or into others of similar nature.

Vice Presidents

  • They shall perform such functions as may be entrusted to them by the President from time to time. In the absence of the President, the oldest Vice-President will act as President with all such powers as of the President.

Associate Secretaries

They will:-

  • Assist the Secretary in handling the affairs of the Chemical Society;
  • Work towards achieving the objectives of the Chemical Society;
  • Be ex-officio members of the provincial/local branches of the Executive Council of the Chemical Society; and
  • Have the power to sanction expenditure as stated in the CSP Constitution.

Members of the Executive Council

  • Executive Council (Two members from each Province and the Federal Area)


General Body

The General Body of the Chemical Society of Pakistan includes all fellows, life members, and annual members. It is the governing body of the CSP and must meet at least once in a year to provide guidelines to the executive council and other office bearers as per dictates of the constitution.

CSP Consultants

Members of the CSP are free to act as consultants in their respective fields of interest.