The CSP Memberships

The CSP members are a community of more than 1600 chemical engineering professionals, and scientists united by a common desire to learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate continuously.

The CSP has five chapters, listed below, and the members are spread all over the country. 

The CSP Membership has the following benefits:

  • Free Alchemy newsletter issues (local distribution only).
  • Important news/ views through email messages on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Members, especially those under the age of 35 can participate in different IUPAC-sponsored events paying fees at reduced rates.
  • All members are entitled to participate in all CSP conferences against payment of conference fees at reduced rates.
  • Experienced members with good standing are selected as fellows of the society.
  • Members are recommended to International bodies or to attend conferences under the host sponsorship.

The CSP has the following six types of memberships

  1. The CSP Life Membership
  2. The CSP Five-Yearly Membership
  3. The CSP Annual Membership
  4. The CSP Student Membership
  5. The CSP Fellows
  6. The CSP Honorary Fellows