Welcome to the new fellows of the CSP

To award CSP Fellowship 2022, the announcement was made by the CSP through an email circulation for all eligible candidates. In this regard, applications were received. The Executive Council (EC) and General Body Meeting (GBM) approved fellowships for the following listed faculty members.

  1. Prof. Dr. Jamshed Iqbal
  2. Prof. Dr. Jan Nisar
  3. Prof. Dr. Umar Farooq
  4. Prof. Dr. Amber R. Solangi
  5. Prof. Dr. Hazrat Hussain
  6. Prof. Dr. Rafia Azmat
  7. Prof. Dr. Naveed Kausar Janjua

All the honorable members of EC and GBM also approved the CSP Fellowship 2022 to be awarded to Prof. Dr. Husein Kara, Selcuk University, Turkey, for his collaboration and contribution to Chemical Sciences for Pakistani students.

The Chemical Society of Pakistan's president, Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Khan, greeted the new fellows. The fellowship certificates were given to the new fellows with heartfelt congratulations and wished for their successful involvement in CSP matters.